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The Right Power for You

The Right Power for You

Choosing the right power source is an important factor when searching for vehicles to add to your fleet. Explore your options below and learn which power source is best for your application.

GEM e2

GEM® e2


Taylor-Dunn BIGFOOT


Get the job done efficiently, economically and sustainably – with zero emissions and lower operating costs than alternate options. 

  • No engine noise creates a more enjoyable ride
  • As low as $.03 per mile** to operate
  • Lower cost of ownership compared to gasoline or diesel vehicles
  • No charging stations required, just plug into any 110v household outlet
Taylor dunn TC-80/120

Taylor-Dunn® TC-80/120

Taylor dunn TC-80/120

Pro XD 2000G


Gas-powered vehicles are common around jobsites due to the accessibility of fuel and service parts. These vehicles also generally require lower upfront investments compared to other power sources.

  • Accessible fuel source
  • Lower initial investment cost compared to other power sources
  • Service parts are easy to find
  • Consistent power performance in cold weather 

Pro XD™ 2000D


Diesel engines are one of the most efficient and durable power options available, meaning less fueling than other power sources and sustained engine longevity. 

  • Offers better fuel economy than gasoline engines
  • Diesel engines provide a higher level of torque for better hauling capabilities
  • Less maintenance required due to less moving parts, including no spark plugs or distributors
  • Last longer due to being built more ruggedly to withstand the rigors of higher compression 
Taylor Dunn

Taylor-Dunn® TC-30/60

Liquid Propane Gas

LPG vehicles are a great solution for indoor/outdoor applications due to the nontoxic emissions they release. 

  • Nontoxic, nonpoisonous and low range of flammability means a safer jobsite
  • Same performance as gasoline powered vehicles
  • Lower operating cost compared to conventional fuel
  • Common fuel source around warehouses 

** Electricity cost based on average energy price of electricity (per kWh) in United States. Average costs based on independent research.