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Taylor-Dunn Pre-Operation Inspection

The following items should be inspected every time before Taylor-Dunn vehicle operation. 

  • Confirm all removable seat cushions are correctly installed and secured in position (if applicable).  
  • Adjust rear and side view mirrors as needed. 
  • Ensure proper steering operation. 
  • Ensure proper operation of the service and park brake. 
  • Visually inspect tire pressure. 
  • Inspect trailer hitch operation, latch and wear.

Warning: Remove cargo before raising the vehicle or the battery lid. Failure to remove the cargo may result in cargo falling from the vehicle, causing severe personal injury and/or property damage.

G-100 Pre-ride Inspection
Check the following items on your G-100 vehicle before operation. 

  • Ensure proper operation and pedal travel of the brake system.
  • Inspect front suspension and lubricate if necessary.
  • Inspect rear suspension and lubricate if necessary.
  • Ensure free operation of the steering.
  • Inspect condition and pressure of tires.
  • Inspect wheels and fasteners, ensuring tightness of fasteners.
  • Inspect frame, nuts, bolts and fasteners, ensuring tightness.
  • Ensure proper coolant level.
  • Inspect coolant hoses for leaks.
  • Ensure proper operation of the throttle.
  • Ensure proper operation of indicator lights and switches.
  • Inspect intake pre-filters and clean if necessary.
  • Check operation of headlamps; apply dielectric grease if lamp is replaced.
  • Check operation of brake lights and tail lamps.
  • Push down on the seat back to ensure the latch is secure.
  • Check length of seat belt for damage and check latches for proper operation.
  • Check doors and latches for wear or damage (if equipped).

If the pre-ride inspection reveals any concerns, contact your authorized Taylor-Dunn dealer. To find a dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator
For more information, refer to your Vehicle Operator and Service Manual.