BRUTUS® HD Features

BRUTUS® is built with all the features your crew needs to be productive and efficient on a jobsite. Explore all the key features that set BRUTUS apart from the rest.

Brutus Features


Kohler Engine

The BRUTUS HD PTO is now powered by a 1028cc Kohler 3-cylinder overhead cam liquid cooled engine. This proven, high performance diesel engine utilizes indirect injection that delivers smooth power and reduced combustion noise. The automotive overhead camshaft design also reduces mechanical drivetrain noise. (NOTE: fan depicted not standard equipment).

Treadle Peddle

BRUTUS lets you travel in forward or reverse with a single pedal, without ever shifting gears or taking your hands off the wheel. 


All-Wheel Drive

With the Polaris true AWD advantage, all four wheels engage automatically when your vehicle needs more forward traction, and reverts to 2WD when it doesn't. When in 2WD, the VersaTrac Turf Mode switch unlocks the rear differential for easier, tighter turns that won't tear up the jobsite.


Pro-Tach System

The innovate Pro-Tach™ attachment system allows quick connection and disconnection of front-end attachments, so you spend less time gearing up your vehicle and more time on the chore at hand.


Ergonomically designed joystick for controlling front attachments. Adjust attachments up, down, tilt forward and back, as well as left to right without having to take your hand off the controls.

Fully Enclosed Cab

In-dash heat, defrost and A/C systems work in a completely enclosed, flush-mount cab system to keep the operator comfortable and more productive, no matter the time of year.

Electric Cargo Bed Lift

Pallet-sized rear dump box with 1,250 lbs. capacity features exclusive Lock & Ride® cargo system that accommodates many hard-working accessories that go on and off in seconds.

All-Day Comfort

Cab ergonomics deliver outstanding driver and passenger comfort, including tilt steering with the highest range of motion (10”), extra legroom and easy cab entry to get in and out quickly.