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Polaris Grant Assistance Program

Polaris is committed to helping organizations that serve our community and recognizes the important role that grants play in funding. Polaris is dedicated to helping these organizations through a grant assistance program geared towards Government and Education.

What are Grants?

Grants Are:
  • Funds allocated to supporting a business need or project
  • A lengthy (9-12 month) competitive process
  • Awarded based on a compelling narrative and application
  • A legally binding contract
Grants Are Not:
  • "Free Money;" there are defined requirements
  • Guaranteed funding
  • Focused on personal expenses
  • A loan; they don't need to be paid back

Services provided through the Grant Assistance Program

Grantfinder Access
Grant Finder Icon

Personalized database of grant opportunities just for you.

Coaching & Application Help
Coaching and Application

Assistance through the entire application process, including narrative review.

Grant Writing
Grant Writing Icon

Access to expert grant writing service at a discounted rate.

How it Works

Grant Assistance Steps

1. Assistance request form

Submit basic contact information to our team

2. Opportunity Assessment

A grant expert will reach out regarding grant opportunities that are right for you

3. Product Support

Polaris will assist you in finding vehicles that fit your needs

4. Application Help

A grant expert will assist you through the application process

5. Narrative Review

A grant expert in your field will advise you to create the most compelling narrative

6. Award Process

Grant experts will be available to assist in post-award reporting requirements

Begin Your Grant Assistance Process Now