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Pro XD Mid-Size Gas vs. Top Competitors


The Polaris Pro XD is a commercial utility task vehicle (UTV) built for durability, serviceability and safety on the jobsite. Download the comparison chart below for an in-depth understanding of individual specifications to show how the Polaris Pro XD stacks up to the competition.

Résumé de la comparaison

Safety Features - The Polaris Pro XD is engineered to provide more industry-leading safety and worksite features than the competition by making orange seat belts and decals, backup alarm and horn, and speed limiting options for job site compliance standard.


Durability - Pro XD has industry-leading box cargo capacity, towing capacity, and payload capacity, meaning it can haul and tow more than the competition. A heavy-duty driveline and 8-ply reinforced tires provide additional durability and longevity between service and parts replacement.


Serviceability - Downtime kills productivity. That's why Pro XDs are designed to withstand tough duty cycles and worksite usage. Up to 200-hour maintenance intervals means less in-field maintenance and reduced service costs. 


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