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GEM Maintenance Intervals

Careful periodic maintenance will help keep your vehicle in the safest, most reliable condition. Inspect, clean, lubricate, adjust and replace parts as necessary. When inspection reveals the need for replacement parts, genuine GEM parts are available from your authorized GEM Dealer.  

Tip: Record maintenance and service in the Maintenance Log at the back of the Owner’s Manual.  

Service and adjustments are important for proper vehicle operation. If you're not familiar with safe service and adjustment procedures, your authorized GEM Dealer can perform these operations. 

GEM e2, e4, e6, eL XD 
Your GEM vehicle should be serviced monthly. Inspect the following:   

  • Check cables and terminal connections. 
  • Check for worn insulation or frayed wires. 
  • Check battery hold-down bar to ensure batteries are tightly secured. 
  • Check tires for correct air pressure and wear. 
  • Check wheels for proper torque after the first 100 miles driven, and after first 100 miles after any wheel is removed. 
  • Rotate wheels every 5,000 miles, or more frequently if needed. 
  • Check brake fluid reservoir for proper brake fluid level. 
  • Check brake lines for leaks. 
  • Check seat belts for proper operation. 
  • Check headlights, horn, turn signals, windshield wiper and brake lights for proper operation. 
  • Check steering wheel freeplay. 

GEM eM 1400 LSV 
Perform inspections at the interval specified in the chart below.  

Maintenance Chart Key
XU = Perform these operations more often for vehicles subjected to severe use. 
D = Have an authorized GEM dealer perform these services. 

Item Maintenance Interval 
(Whichever comes first)
Hours CLNDR Miles/Km
       Steering - Pre-Ride - Inspect and make adjustments as needed. See Pre-Ride Inspection.
  Front Suspension - -
  Rear Suspension - -
  Tires - -
  Brake Fluid Level - -
  Brake Pedal Travel - -
  Brake System - -
  Parking Brake System - -
  Wheels/Fasteners - -
  Frame Fasteners - -
  Batteries - -
  Headlamp/Tail Lamp - Daily - Check operation. Apply dielectric grease if replacing
  Battery Terminals 25 H Monthly - Inspect and clean
  Battery Fluid Levels 25 H Monthly - Add as needed
  Battery Terminals 25 H Monthly - Inspect. Torque to specification
  Transaxle Shaft Nuts 25 H Monthly - Torque bolts to specification



Parking Brake 25 H Monthly - Inspect and adjust as needed
  Tire Rotation 50 H 3 Months - Rotate tires as needed



Brake Pad Wear 50 H 3 Months - Inspect periodically
XU General Lubrication 50 H 3 Months - Lubricate all fittings, pivots, cables, etc.
D Steering 50 H 6 Months - Lubricate
XU Front Suspension 50 H 6 Months - Lubricate
XU Rear Suspension 50 H 6 Months - Lubricate
XU Wiring 100 H 12 Months - Inspect for wear, routing, security. Apply dielectric grease to connectors subjected to water, mud, etc.
D Front Wheel Bearings 100 H 12 Months - Inspect. Replace as needed
D Brake Fluid 200 H 24 Months - Change every two years
D Toe Adjustment - Inspect periodically. Adjust when parts are replaced
D Headlight Aim - Adjust as needed

For more information and inspection procedures, refer to your Owner’s Manual.  


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