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Taylor-Dunn FAQ

Does Taylor-Dunn sell direct?  
We distribute our products through a global distribution channel. Please see our Dealer Locator to find an authorized Taylor-Dunn Dealer near you. For more information, read How to Purchase a Polaris Commercial Vehicle.  

How far will my vehicle run?  
Your mileage will vary based on your driving habits and application. Typically, standard vehicles will run for 30 miles on level ground with a full charge. 

How long does it take to charge a Taylor-Dunn vehicle? 
Typically, standard vehicles charge in 8 to 10 hours. 

Can I climb a hill?  
Yes, we offer many different vehicles for this application. However, a Dealer Application Survey must be submitted so we can establish the proper gearing for the application requirement. Download the Dealer Application Survey (PDF).

Where do I plug the charger in?  
Chargers can be plugged into standard household current (110 VAC). Some industrial batteries require 240 VAC. 

Where do I find parts and service?  
Use the Dealer Locator on our website to locate your local authorized Taylor-Dunn Dealer

How often do I have to refill the water in the batteries?  
We recommend that you the check battery water level weekly and fill as needed. 

How long will my vehicle last?  
Depending on the application, we have seen our vehicles last 15 years and longer. 

How do I obtain a replacement vehicle Owner’s Manual?  
Use the Dealer Locator on our website to locate your local authorized Taylor-Dunn Dealer

What is the warranty for Taylor-Dunn vehicles?  
All Taylor-Dunn vehicles come standard with a factory 2-year warranty. Download Taylor-Dunn's warranty statement (PDF).  

Where do I find my Serial Number?  
To find your vehicle serial number, please refer to your Vehicle Operator and Service Manual

How old is my vehicle?  
Refer to this PDF to determine the age of your vehicle: Download Taylor-Dunn Vehicle Age by Serial Number Flyer (PDF)

Can my vehicle drive in all types of weather?  
Yes, we offer many different enclosed vehicles. However, a Dealer Application Survey must be submitted so we can establish the proper option for the application requirement. 

Is heating and air conditioning available? 
Heating and cooling options are available upon request only. This must be quoted through your local authorized Taylor-Dunn Dealer

How do I purchase replacement parts?  
To purchase parts, contact your local authorized Taylor-Dunn Dealer by visiting our Dealer Locator and entering your postal code. 

Why should I buy OEM parts?  
Buying OEM parts guarantees a quality product which extends the life of your vehicle while lowering maintenance costs. Most importantly, buying OEM keeps your vehicle warranty active. To purchase OEM parts, contact your local authorized Taylor-Dunn Dealer